Insane Ninja Flip Dodge Ball Throw

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 published this high school gym video just a week ago, and already it has amassed over 6.5 million views.

The athlete in blue can be seen preparing for his dodge ball ‘kill’ for a long 30 seconds. Finally, his moment comes, and he performs a perfectly distracting ninja flip before launching the ball directly into his opponent’s face. 

For once, the dramatic video title of, ‘Insane Dodge Ball Kill!’ is appropriate. 


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How to become a Republican delegate

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What’s the deal with delegates?At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer, 2,472 representatives from 50 states, Washington, D.C., and all five territories will gather to select the GOP presidential candidate. The eventual nominee will need the support of a majority of delegates or 1,237.What do delegates do?Most delegates will vote for a candidate based on the results of primaries and caucuses in their states. If no candidate gets more than half the delegates 1,237 during the primary process, the delegates at the convention keep taking votes until someone does. If the nomination process goes multiple ballots, they will gradually be released from those requirements and, depending on their state rules, freed to vote as they choose.Why are we hearing about delegates now?If no candidate clinches the nomination on the first ballot, the personal preferences of the delegates could decide the race. Only about 150 delegates are unbound going into the convention, so a lot of the jockeying you’re seeing is about what they might do in later rounds. For that reason, the campaigns are now trying to help get their loyal supporters elected or appointed as national delegates.So how does a person become a Republican delegate?

Great question! Use the buttons below to see the five basic routes to Cleveland.

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Castable fish finders: portable sonar devices that link to your smart phone.

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We’ve got Side-Scan, Structure-Scan, Down Scan, 360-Scan and

Spotlight Scan–and now we’ve got what might be called “Cast

Scan,” castable transducers that allow you to reach out as far as

you can fling them without actually moving the boat over the spot.

You read the sonar report on your smart-phone or tablet. We had the

opportunity for some hands-on with one of these recently, the

“Deeper” castable sonar.


The Deeper transducer is encased in a 2.5-inch diameter composite

ball and weighs 3.5 ounces, which makes it pretty heavy to toss out

there on your standard trout rig. You’ll probably want to put this

on one of your old beater baitcasters with some 65-pound-test braid. A

kingfish rod, or a flippin’ stick in fresh water, would be

dedicated to the task.

Wherever the Deeper sonar unit lands, it reads water depth and

temperature, and also marks fish suspended off bottom. The unit includes

both narrow and wide beam–narrow returns fish, structure, detail and

bottom profile, while the wide beam provides broader search area. It

sends this via Bluetooth wireless voodoo to your Apple or Android phone

or tablet with the free downloadable app which also gives moon phases,

air temp, solunar “best times,” Internet sharing of fish

photos and other tools.

It reads to depths of 130 feet and has a Bluetooth range of about

150 feet. It has three line-ties so that you can cast it, troll it or

lower it straight down from a dock, bridge or pier.

These are not tools that most who own power boats are going to want

because a standard fixed transducer that reads at speed or one on the

trolling motor with a dedicated monitor makes better sense.

But for kayak and canoe anglers, wade fishermen, shore anglers and

bridge and pier anglers, they could be a big help. I mean, if you know

exactly where the drop to deeper water is, and can drift your bait down

that break line on every cast, it gives a huge advantage in many areas.

You could also use them to avoid brushy snags. Plus, you don’t need

a hookup to a 12-volt power source.

You can also probe the depth around a dock without actually running

your boat close to it and spooking the fish–maybe there’s a prop

blow-hole at one end where the redfish stack up, or a dredge hole that

attracts sheepshead.

And there are some neat new mounts from RAM ( and

other companies for cell phones and tablets used on kayaks and other

small boats.

The Deeper system runs on a rechargeable lithium battery that

functions for about 6 hours straight between recharges. The housing is

watertight to 1 meter and shock-resistant. Price is $229. See the

website for phone and tablet compatibility:

A competing castable sonar is the Fish-Hunter, which functions

similarly but has an advertised range of about 100 feet in depth, 100

feet in Bluetooth transmission. A free app for your Apple or Android

smartphone/tablet contains storage for GPS-based fishing spots, fishing

forecasts, moon phases, fishing log and lots more. The company says it

runs about eight hours between recharges, and a free app is included:

The iBobber, to be released first quarter of 2014, includes a

2.08-ounce castable transducer that looks like a bobber. Depth range is

120 feet, Bluetooth range 100 feet. It runs 7 hours between recharges,

and a free app provides mapping and fishing advice;

Vexilar’s Sonarphone uses Wi-Fi signal technology to deliver a

high-definition sonar image to an Android or IOS smart-phone or tablet,

with touch-screen control of functions such as bottom zoom. It’s

available in three configurations, starting with the T-Pod, a floating

sonar module that can be cast or pulled behind a boat ($149.99). It

reads to 120 feet and also monitors water temp. Boat-mounted, Wi-Fi

enabled transducer systems are also available.

See www.vexilar. com.


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CNN Student News – April 26, 2016

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April 26, 2016

From the Middle East to Europe to China, we’re traveling the globe to bring you events coverage this Tuesday. The U.S. announces it’ll increase its military presence in Syria, a stricken Belgian train station reopens, and a massive dome is being completed near the decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear power plant. We’re also examining a possible restraint on a potential Mars mission.
On this page you will find today’s show Transcript and a place for you to request to be on the CNN Student News Roll Call.
Please note that there may be a delay between the time when the video is available and when the transcript is published.
CNN Student News is created by a team of journalists who consider the Common Core State Standards, national standards in different subject areas, and state standards when producing the show.
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Thank you for using CNN Student News!

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Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Pinterest

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New Pinterest TermsIf you’re unsure about why your Pinterest follower count is down, wonder no more. A new app from Innovatty will let you keep track of every former friend.

Followers on Pinterest lets users take an anal retentive approach to their friend lists. Among other features, the program lets you not only see who has unfollowed you recently, but keep track of everyone who has ever unfollowed your account. (Great for holding a grudge.)

According to prMac, it is the only Pinterest app that currently provides this service. In order to drum up a userbase for the application, Innovatty is offering it up for free Monday only, after which it’ll cost $1.99.

Followers on Pinterest is the logical next step behind apps like for Twitter and for Tumblr. But it’s also a veritable Pandora’s Box of passive aggression. Pinterest is a unique service because it focuses on stuff, not people.

But where unfollowers can be documented, mopey navel-gazing is sure to occur.

This article originally published at The Daily Dot

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Leicester Citys Jamie Vardy given extra games ban for improper conduct

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Leicesters Jamie Vardy has been handed an additional one-game suspension for an improper-conduct charge sustained following his sending off in the 2-2 draw with West Ham United

Jamie Vardy will miss Leicester Citys chance to seal the Premier League title at Manchester United on Sunday after an independent regulatory commission imposed an additional one-match suspension following the Football Associations decision to charge the England forward with improper conduct in relation to his dismissal against West Ham United.

Vardy accepted the charge but requested a personal hearing in the hope that he may have been able to persuade the panel to take a more lenient view of his conduct after he was sent off in the 2-2 draw at the King Power Stadium eight days ago, yet an extended ban always seemed the most likely scenario from the moment the FA signalled its intention to take action. The Leicester striker, who has also been fined 10,000, will now be forced to watch from the stands for the second game in succession. He served his mandatory one-match ban on Sunday, when Leicester hammered Swansea City 4-0, and that result and performance has given Claudio Ranieri and his players the belief that they can cope without their leading goalscorer.

Vardy will be available for the last two fixtures of the season, at home to Everton on Saturday week and away at Chelsea on the final day, when he will hope to add to his tally of 22 Premier League goals. Monday nights draw between Spurs and West Brom means Leicester can claim their first-ever championship with a victory at Old Trafford.

The red card that Vardy received against West Ham was highly controversial and his first as a professional footballer. Jon Moss, the referee, was at the centre of several contentious decisions that day and his handling of the game has been widely criticised. Vardy picked up two yellow cards, the second for allegedly diving, and he was unable to conceal his anger as he left the pitch, leading to Moss mentioning the 29-year-olds behaviour in his match report.

Roy Hodgson, the England manager, took it upon himself to speak out in defence of Vardy three days later, insisting that the player was the victim of an injustice. Vardys reaction to his sending off was human, according to Hodgson, who also claimed that the forward was not guilty of an act of simulation.

While it was seen as a blow to Leicester at the time, in particular that idea that their most prolific player could potentially miss two games at such a critical stage, Leonardo Ulloa proved to be a capable deputy for Vardy with two goals against Swansea City. Leicester will now hope for more of the same from the Argentinian at Old Trafford.

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Breakdance cat

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Breakdance cat

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FCC to let cable company Charter purchase current rival Time Warner

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Chairman recommends that the body approve the third-largest US cable companys plan to purchase the second-largest, as well as Bright House Networks

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is letting the third-largest cable company in the US buy the second-largest: chairman Tom Wheeler has recommended that the body approve TV and internet distribution giant Charters plan to purchase [bring] as well as the smaller Bright House Networks, so long as the new company abides by several conditions.

A draft approval of the agreement is being circulated among the commissioners and will likely be voted on soon. Perhaps the most immediately significant of those to consumers is that the new company will not charge usage-based prices or impose data caps on its customers for seven years.

The FCC has recently received a deluge of complaints about internet data caps as the industry continues to look for ways to increase revenue in a maturing market. According to a freedom of information act review by the Wall Street Journal, the number of complaints rose to 7,904 in the second half of 2015 from 863 in the first.

Other conditions will affect video pricing, as well: New Charter, as the combined company is called in its regulatory filings, wont be allowed to pass interconnection or peering costs back to popular websites.

That keeps New Charter from effectively taxing the popularity of high-traffic sites, especially video sites, by charging those sites more for the privilege of being carried at an average speed to the consumer. In a word, the deal keeps Charter from making Netflix pay an extra fee it would likely pass on to the consumer. Netflix has endorsed the deal, too.

The struggle for new revenue is largely a function of a shifting focus to the web within the digital media world: cable television subscriptions are on the wane and affiliate fees from TV networks themselves are less reliable sources of continuously increasing revenue. Thus, the average cost per residential user of internet connectivity has continued to rise across the three largest cable companies in the country, according to their earnings reports.

Further conditions on the merger would require that the company expand to a further two million customers and that one million of them be in an area currently served by a New Charter competitor. In a press release, Wheeler said the condition would [bring] innovation and new choices for consumers, and demonstrate the viability of one broadband provider overbuilding another.

Charter didnt object to any of the requirements: The conditions that will be imposed ensure Charters current consumer-friendly and pro-broadband businesses practices will be maintained by New Charter.

Many of the proposals mirror those suggested during last years failed acquisition of Time Warner by the largest cable company in the US, Comcast. Watchers on the sidelines from analysts to activists condemned the proposed deal as anti-consumer and suggested the lead it would give Comcast over even its closest competition (Time Warner) would be extreme.

The current deal, while it creates a much larger second-place cable operator, still does not surpass Comcast in coverage area, though it comes close: Comcast has 27.7 million customers Charter, Time Warner and Bright House together will have about 24 million. The only other national TV provider of a similar size is satellite company DirecTV, with about 26 million customers; as a condition of its recent acquisition by AT&T, it, too must build out fiber-optic connections to 12.5m people.

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The NFL and Tom Brady need to cut a deal and kill Deflategate for good | Les Carpenter

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The thought of the battle between the Patriots and the league dragging on is awful to contemplate. The sides need to settle their differences now

Now that they have each won a round in court the best thing Roger Goodell and Tom Brady can do is split Bradys four-game suspension and move on. Neither man has a reasonable point left to make that will justify months and years of appeals to a Supreme Court that will probably tell them to get lost anyway.

Nobody should be surprised that on Monday the NFL won the right to suspend Brady in the case known as Deflategate.The questions from the three US second circuit court of appeals judges in last months hearing made clear they believed the leagues players had given Goodell, as NFL commissioner, the power to punish them through their last labor deal. Whether you think Goodell has become a dictator run amok was always irrelevant to this case. It was more about the league trying to preserve a right they had won from a players union attempt to seize it in court.

But football fans dont want years of courtroom wars over a controversy that has simmered for 15 months now. They dont care that the NFL v The Leagues Most Famous Quarterback has long stopped being about who did what to those footballs that day in New England and has turned into posturing over a clause in the CBA. An endless labor fight waged in a courtroom is of interest to no one save for a few lawyers with unlimited billing hours. After a time, nobody not Brady, not his team the New England Patriots, the players or the NFL wins.

What the appeals court said on Monday in restoring Bradys suspension is that the NFLs players gave Goodell a broad power to punish them when they negotiated their last CBA and that much of the parsing of the leagues Deflategate report has been irrelevant. The court also said that Goodell had a reasonable, legal right to assume Brady was hiding evidence when he destroyed his phone with its texts to the Patriots equipment men who were accused of deflating game balls for him.

These points alone will make it tough for Brady to continue winning in court. There is a chance he could land another hearing before the full second circuit, but such hearings are rare. All another appeal would do is table further the uncertainty of his suspension, leaving the Patriots to spend another summer in limbo, wondering if their quarterback will be able to play the first quarter of the season or not.

Likewise, the NFLs win was little more than a temporary block against player challenges to league suspensions. Even if Brady sits the first four games of next season, other players will be emboldened by the way he has been able to draw out a punishment he was supposed to serve last year. The NFL Players Association has always had better success suing the league than they have during labor stoppages where leverage is hard to maintain. The league has never been at their best fighting on courthouse steps. Forcing Brady to serve his full suspension risks more legal tussles that will be a public relations disaster.

The punishments Goodell gave Brady and the patriots in Deflategate never made sense. They were arbitrary and extreme. One of Goodells great flaws as a commissioner is his habit of ruling by public relations, overreacting to the biggest cases by delivering outrageous sanctions that dont fit the crime. Suspending Saints coach Sean Payton a year and general manger Mickey Loomis six months over the teams bounty program was ridiculous. Hammering Brady for four games and taking away New Englands first-round pick in this weeks draft for squeezing air from game balls was like killing a wasp with a sledgehammer.

If Goodell felt the need to be harder on New England in Deflategate because many teams feel he wasnt strong enough on the Patriots when they were caught filming the New York Jets signals in a 2007 game, then his point should have been made by now. In refusing to give back to New England the first-round pick he snatched away, he has weakened the Patriots far more than any advantage Brady got from a slightly softer game ball. The rest of the NFL now knows he can hit New England as hard as anyone else.

Both Brady and Goodell have now had their victories and after months of wrangling we are right back to where we were 50 weeks ago with the Patriots losing a first-rounder and Brady staring at a four-game suspension. The fight can go on but what will it yield? The Patriots arent getting back into Thursdays first round and Bradys suspension isnt likely to get overturned again. Any further attempt by the NFL to crush Brady will come with the risk of alienating fans and advertisers who dont care that the league stopped a labor maneuver to the relief of their billionaire owners.

There is no more winning left in Deflategate. The lawyers can go home now. Roger Goodell and Tom Brady need to do what they should have done way back in February of 2015. They need to sit in a room, find a way to cut Bradys suspension and get back to football.

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