clicked a NSFW tag at work No one notices

clicked a NSFW tag at work No one notices

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This Is Perhaps The Most Important Song Ever Written

There are certain times when you watch a video and you know that you’ve experienced magic. This is one of those times.

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Mitch McConnell Focuses Speech On Becoming Senate Majority Leader

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 23: Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

MAYFIELD, Ky. — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had one message Saturday morning: make me the Majority Leader and I’ll fix things.

McConnell spoke at a Kentucky GOP breakfast before the state’s annual Fancy Farm political showdown. He barely mentioned his Democratic opponent — Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes — and made zero mention of his challenger from the right, Matt Bevin.

Instead McConnell spoke at length about President Barack Obama, who remains deeply unpopular in Kentucky, and slammed the Democrats in Washington, saying his potential ascent to Majority Leader in 2014 was the most important aspect of the entire race.

“This is not just an election about who gets to be senator from Kentucky, this is about who sets the agenda for America,” he said.

It’s the same playbook other politicians have recently used in red states: tie your Democratic opponent to Obama, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader Harry Reid at every opportunity.

In turn, Grimes and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are working to make the race a referendum on McConnell’s unpopularity.

Saturday morning’s Republican audience was on the same page as McConnell when it came to Democrats, but the underlying message to would-be Bevin supporters was that McConnell would have power in 2014 if the Senate flipped and Bevin would not.

“The are limits to what you can accomplish in divided government but you can prevent further damage. But to really turn the country around there’s only one solution, and it begins in 2014,” McConnell said. “We have to change the United States Senate and make me the leader instead of Harry Reid.”

He called job one of “Majority Leader McConnell’s” agenda to repeal the health care law by “root and branch.” Bevin has attacked McConnell for not signing onto a conservative pledge to block a government funding resolution unless it repeals Obamacare, but McConnell pledged at the breakfast it’d be his number one goal if he ascended to Majority Leader.

He reminded the audience that Obama had only won four out of 120 counties and said it was “safe to say Kentucky does not support Barack Obama’s agenda.” McConnell acknowledged he was in for a long and expensive race as Democrats sought to unseat him.

“You stand up to Barack Obama all of his friends come after you, every left winger you’ve ever read about— those who want the San Francisco type agenda for America. Those east coast liberals that dominate the Democratic party who crack the whip every day on the Senate floor want to see Kentucky defeat the Republican Leader of the senate … let’s send them a message,” he said.

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I don’t always say “No offense, but..” But when I do, I’m about to insult you.

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I Hate You And I Hate My Life

I Hate You And I Hate My Life

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Ultracold Molecules Nest Like Russian Dolls

A 45-year-old prediction about the formation of triatomic molecules has been confirmed for the first time, creating molecules that scale in neat geometric ratios, and that might theoretically go on forever.

The existence of scalable three-atom molecules was predicted by Vitaly Efimov in 1970, as part of his work to predict the behaviour and energy states of molecules with more than two particles. His work showed mathematically that in three-particle systems, bound states can exist even when no two particles are attracted strongly enough to form a pair.

Efimov predicted that forces between any two particles in a three-particle system would “give rise to a series of levels” that could shape either molecules or the nuclei of certain atoms. Each of these levels would have different energy, and when applied to molecules, this should translate to different sizes.

In 2006, signs were found of the first Efimov state molecule, followed three years later by a second level. However, it is only now that the third level has been observed, allowing confirmation of one of Efimov’s key predictions – that the energy levels would scale geometrically.

In Physical Review Letters, Professor Cheng Chin of the University of Chicago announced the discovery of three Efimov states, which are probably just the beginning of an infinite chain. The molecules used had two caesium atoms and a single lithium atom, cooled to one five-millionth of a degree of absolute zero (-273.15°C).

The molecules’ “sizes are measured to be 17, 86 and 415 nano-meters, respectively,” Chin said. Each is 4.9 times as large as the previous one, confirming Efimov’s geometric scaling prediction, and close to the predicted value of 4.88.

Credit: Cheng Chin group, University of Chicago. Relative sizes of the three triatom molecules produced to confirm the theory of geometric scaling.

The sequence should theoretically continue to the size of the universe, although the larger the molecule, the harder it will be to produce. The first Efimov state molecule was made of three caesium atoms. However, Chins says, “The difficulty is that based on what we understand of Efimov’s theory, the scaling factor is predicted to be 22.7 for the caesium system, which is a very large number.” Required temperatures are approximately proportional to the inverse square of the size.

Modeling suggests that molecules where one atom is much lighter than the others should have a smaller scaling factor and therefore be produceable in successive states in relative warmth. The caesium isotope used was 22 times as heavy as the lithium. The difference helped with size and temperature, but also made the molecules harder to work with. Lead author Dr. Shih-Kuang Tung described the challenge of working with such different atoms as like dangling a monkey and two elephants on strings and making them interact.

The interactions were controlled using Feshbach resonance, where two types of motion are coupled, which is a technique used on other very cold systems. Tung says this was, “A really important tool for us. We needed to tune the Feshbach resonances very carefully in order to generate these Efimov molecules.”

where two types of motion are coupled, a technique used on other very cold systems.

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25 Funny Images Of Animals Acting Funny

And you think that only humans know how to crack jokes and be funny. Well, animals also have their share of laughs. Maybe they have learned some things from their human counterparts, or they may just be watching too much TV. Anyways, here are 25 funny images of animals acting funny, acting human, or just acting really weird.

























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